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EYCE Beaker


Platinum Cured Beaker

14mm Borosilicate Bowl

Ice Pinch

Hidden Rolling Tray

Magnetic Lighter Ring


EYCE Blue Silicone Pipe


These 100% platinum cured silicone pipes are a must have for any smoker. Each pipe features

EYCE Green Silicone Rig


10mm Titanium Nail

Platinum Cured

Stash Container

EYCE Pink and Purple Silicone Sidecar



Sidecar Rig

Adjustable Neck

Stash Container Lid/Carb Cap

EYCE Red Silicone Hammer


These 100% platinum cured silicone hammer bubblers are the perfect handheld water pipe for any smoker!

EYCE Silicone Cleaner 8oz


  Keeping your piece regularly cleaned will not only prolong the life of your silicone, but